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The New Light Monarch

The New Light Monarch is a symbol of light and transformation, hope, strength, a representation of our own spiritual lives as well as the cycle of life and death.

The process of transformation can be seen in each NFT, its new and magnified depiction as well as transmuting the psyche. Her exploration of the state of harmony and bliss in all that surrounds us is used as a way to channel that back to the viewer and induce beneficial shifts. Her creations focus on true beauty, the essence deep within, anything seen and unseen that represents the divine manifestation.


The digital world being the only way this artist could tackle and recreate her visions in the most truthful way, it was only a question of time until she used the metaverse as a playground for new creations. Giving the chance for each collector to marvel into a new visual world having benefits of holistic transformation while contemplating unique artistry and perspective.

Click to Start collecting the 209 NFT "Seed of Light" collection 

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