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Inspire and be part of the Transformation process!

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Elena, Female crisis specialist

I have been working in the field of holistic health and healing for almost 9 years now and although I have a variety of international clients, I work with a majority of women who have been traumatised, raped, abused or never truly cherished and suffer from a lack of self-love, self-confidence and a tendency to think small and shying away from greatness.

I have used Fiona’s artwork with all of these women and even used it to help children, their mothers and families heal after traumatic events, such as domestic violence or divorce. 


The feedback I received from all my clients was always astounding: Children slept better, woke up happier, were more balanced, women felt that physical pain as well as emotional long endured trauma had been minimized and in some cases even lifted off of them! These artworks should be present in every institution, school, therapy/treatment room, and home. 

Personally I have been able to use Fiona’s art to help heal my own trauma (rape and rape-related abortion) as well as help me find my femininity again, be more creative and more focused on what matters most.


Patrick, Healing Minister & holistic health coach

I think we all seek something that gives us effortless change since the complexities of a technology based world are ever changing and do not give us much of an opportunity to relax, reboot and recharge. Fiona’s work has a divinely guided intelligence that goes beyond its physical representation and clears ones unique imbalances while harmonizing ones environment. The world does not have enough depth to understand its infinite capabilities. I have seen her healing art do things that defy reason. But, as with most things that have such capabilities the early adapters will keep it to themselves so the world doesn’t benefit. This transformational tool has the ability to alter the reality of people, businesses, communities and beyond. The Universal Human Paradigm is to control things and this art cannot be controlled. The genius’s of the world will figure that out and she will not have enough time to produce the requests for her work. The problem is mankind does not have the depth to understand her work currently so it is still seen as a piece of art which it is not. It is a rarely if ever seen gift from God and with God their are no rules to his miracles. So anyone reading this testimonial throw out your rules, knowledge, dogma and expertise! Your life will never be the same when you surrender to the power of her work.


Nancy, Retired Real Estate Developer

Fiona’s artwork transforms the environment of a room. It is experiential!

I love it and always see something new when I look at it.


Francesca, Athlete & Tennis coach

Fiona's artworks have helped me so much as an athlete. Using her paintings before practices and matches make such a huge impact on my physical and mental performance and completely shifted any fear to a state of flow and deep focus. They gave me a supernatural advantage I have never had before.


As a tennis coach, I’ve had athletes, who don’t even know what Fiona’s artwork is capable of stare at her paintings before playing, and afterwards they can hit the ball in a way that no technical shift could have made happen. Her art is such a powerful tool that can work for anybody.

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