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  • "The New Light Monarch" NFT

A new NFT venture...

Its time to enter the metaverse

Under the name "The New Light Monarch", Fiona is starting her journey in the metaverse.

Why did you decide to create an NFT?

"I have always been fascinated with new technologies and finding a way to integrate it in my creative process. How could this tool be used to further my vision? I would always ask myself. When NFT came out a few years ago and then merged with Art, I knew it was something I would tackle eventually. The fact that it would use the blockchain and create more transparency, security and bind components in a way that was never done before was attractive. I just had to first figure out how to use it and what to create. It was important for me to also have the possibility of trading just digital Art and therefore being able to view the work from a phone or tablet. So far my work created large scenes that were more or less complex and transcribed best in large canvases. I finally came to create a series that focuses more on individual content and expressed nature through a new eye. As I pondered around the subject, I decided to use the metaverse as a place for me to create a new reality and transcribe elements of nature and architecture that were essential in my view. Nature, oceans and their preservation and importance are essential and endangered. In my first collection "Seed of Life" I invite you to create your own virtual garden one seed of light at a time. Witness nature as I see it and embrace their holistic transformation."


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