​Art started as a way to transcribe messages from the divine. What couldn't be seen and stories that needed to be shared were recorded into visual form. Art captured the important faces and moments of the time. It also transfigured perspectives, thoughts, philosophy, views on social and political events. Art movements evolved from one another to reflect about ways to translate human existence.

​Fiona's methodology can be compared to Impressionism 5.0, involving elements of Post-Expressionism, creating a new reality. Impressionism translated the way the physical world was seen, Post- Expressionism went forward and added the emotional component as the central actor. Her view of Impressionism goes beyond as she interested in the human existence and experience from the perspective of body, mind, spirit and energy in both scientific and spiritual forms. Fiona’s expresses her divine visions and experiences through visual symphonies.


Using technology, combining mediums, her east and west heritage as well as sharing her visions to bring more harmony in the world, she embodies the 21st century paradigm.