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How to use Artceuticals

Actualizado: 8 oct 2021

Sit down, relax and attune...

The images above show how simple it is! All you need to do is look at the Artceutical, find a comfortable sitting or standing position. Attune to the work.

To do so start by closing your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a couple of breaths. With each breath out, exhale any troubling thoughts. Your pulse will gradually slow down to an idea pace. Continue to breathe but this time exhale with your nose. Now tilt your head up and look at the sky/ceiling, or let it gently fall down towards your chest without resistance and look towards your heart. after a few seconds, bring back your head to a centered position. This will allow you to be in a mediative state while looking at Artceuticals. It also helps connect your body and mind connection. It takes two minutes but goes a long way.

After that you can say, if you wish, a few words of intention: "Dear God/ Light (whatever works for you) I am ready to start my transformation. May the energy in the art attune my body, mind, spirit ad energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Artceuticals are Art that allows transformation and healing. Watching them for 20 minute daily is ideal (in 1 -2 or more increments). The more you allow consciously the connection, the more you will allow it to take effect. When you look at the Art, do it by surrendering, just like you would surrender your body during a massage. The less you try to control things the more beneficial the experience.

If you are attracted to one area, look and focus into it.It means you need to attune to it more. At the same time if there is an area you really don't want to look at, it signifies an area dealing with a deep rooted issue that is emotionally challenging. Trying to look at it for a few minutes each time following the first 1-2 sessions will allow you to start clearing the corresponding stressors. You can manually/ physically zoom in, move closer to the work. Having a wide view of the work can also be beneficial. There is no wrong way of going about it. Let it flow! Listen to your inner guidance!

Looking at Artceuticals is called: Artceuticals Transformation Meditation or ATM, and supercharges meditation as per the beneficial programs residing in the Art. You can find more information under 'Your reality and Benefits" sections under News.

Look for future posts, on different connection phrases depending if you have a specific area you want to focus on If not know, the art is intelligent and will attune what is needed at each given time. Of course the more you use them, the deeper you will go.

Start enjoying Artceuticals now!


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