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Giving back as a philosophy

Actualizado: 7 nov 2021

The Art of philanthropy.

Being able to help, educate and share tools to change people's lives, the world, is important to Fiona. Giving back is just part of her philosophy and way of life. Part of the revenue of every sale goes towards her philanthropic ventures.

“Let's join forces and unite like drops of water to become a powerful Passion Sea for Change"

This is the motto of Passion Sea, a nonprofit organization, in which Fiona acts as the vice president and creative director. PS uses art and education as a catalyst of change for the future generations as well as working with innovative research and products.

Building a new reality

Fiona is starting a project " Heaven on Earth" to change the way people experience space. Being able to experience nature and the divine essence in a new way is an ongoing challenge. For this next chapter, the limits are being pushed to welcome people into her world, the world she sees and wants to share with others. Transformation happens in presence of high vibrational places.

Be Inspired

Find ways to give back and enrich people's lives, the planet and nature. You also can become involved in the projects and charity listed above.


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