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Study in Red or looking into Sakura 5_51

Actualizado: 3 oct 2021

A deeper look into what lies inside this Artceutical.

Looking at the art in a few words: Visually it looks like a spring - winter connection. Blossoming of flowers deep red and center. Lot of interconnection to making something form and be fruitful point center. Dark colors and contours are fading out in the distance. Then main axis and movement helps frame the center and add diagonal action lines. The colors range from intense red, sacral chakra colors to indigo, violet hues, superior chakras correspondence. It offers a spectrum of rainbow with some vibrant and complimentary touches of green and yellow.

Few words on the art benefits:

Energy level is very high, way above 1000 (look at charts in "News- Your reality").

Major them: gratitude and joy; being one with God/ the Light. Any moment may it be stormy or sunny days are seen as a time to rejoice because God/ Light and the Universe always provides; the law of increase.

Chakras: will be adjusted or cleared depending on one's need.

Meridians: all depending on ones need to evolve. The governing vessel will be adjusted appropriately to create harmony in all situations.

Nerves and cells: adjusted appropriately and all building blocks.

Family and relationships: allows for families to be peaceful and appreciative of one another.

Envirnonmental issues: help clear toxins in body due to Man's ways of production.

Great for someone in deep self doubt or denial about a situation. Allows one to bathe in his gifts without fear and judgement.

The winter spring connection that takes place in this painting at an explosive level really, allows one to move from enduring to cleansing and opening up fully.

Added scent that can be used: organic rose and or vanilla essence oils, candles.


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