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Fiona Tan

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Fiona Tan is starting a new initiative "ART 2 BLOSSOM", dear to her heart to help people with severe illnesses. She is helping them find harmony through the use of Artceuticals : feel better and overcome challenges.

Artceuticals can help attune the stressors and patterns that are affecting one body/ mind/ spirit connection. By doing so, the effects of the stressors diminish and the body/ mind/ spirit can feel more balanced

Part of the proceeds of the sales of Fiona Life, lifestyle products will go towards the initiative.

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        Fiona Tan is the Vice President and Creative Director of Passion Sea, a nonprofit organization which promotes on an international scale the respect and preservation of water through education and creativity. 


Passion Sea aims to educate the children of the world about the importance of water, dangers that we are facing and the solutions that are at hand.

Passion Sea is creating, and implementing an educational program for children and Elementary schools under Environmental studies. 

Part of the proceeds of the sales of Artceuticals go towards the nonprofit organization.