My art is a way to share my visions, divine messages and gifts to help people transform and rise above their limits.

Fiona Tan

My creative process is the process of being guided by the divine. Just as hope and faith, it’s about connecting and trusting something bigger and beyond myself. Each step of the way makes me reevaluate this connection. 


I take on a journey with the sole know destination is that it will take me to places I haven’t been and make me experience deep emotions, challenges as well as much beauty and serenity. Each step of the way is pathed with wonder and wisdom. Just as you go about life/ travel/ project, much awaits you even if you know where you are heading. The same is true as every day brings forth more then expected and the conclusion is always beyond expectation; unless it’s a pure disaster and one figures that truth at the end as well. Thus the importance of clarity. I connect to the Light above/ God/ The Source however you want to call it. I get visions which resembles landscapes, blurb of colours or forms. I hear words, whispers and feel different type of emotions, transcendence. As I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I uncover what I myself need to go through on a personal level but also what people need to experience to transcend their states and limitations. My art begins with an experience which describes a transformation and state of growth. It is though when the physical, emotional, mental and energetic expansion is achieved that the art too is formed. It’s a physical and visual materialisation of a metamorphosis. 


Sometimes it’s a series that touched upon all the aspects, at other times it’s one single artwork. There is an evolution in the process on all levels. I bring harmony to chaos. The puzzle I decipher and create becomes more complex as I go but also much clearer. There are more layers but they seem to morph into a new reality. Each piece of the puzzle interfaces with another through light and dimension on the computer. As I create the piece, I also interface the energy and healing aspects of my development. The elements I use to create it are either drawn, painted, photographed, scanned or created through computer. I fragment this information and recompose it. Just as musical notes on a piece of paper to create a symphony. I find this procedure to echo how we should take on life. That’s why I often say that my creation is the manifestation of energy, and I identify it as a way of life, a new kind of lifestyle. Each artwork, which I call Artceuticals: Art + healing benefit, is a piece of a larger puzzle, a chapter in the book of self transformation and growth. Each one is embedded with much energy, vibration and beauty. It can be read on many levels and is also powerful to use as it will echo in the viewer their shifts, clearings and adjustments he needs in order to alienate his life from past blockages. 


I like creating a new reality, helping people elevate themselves, give them tools to transcend limitations and blockages. I also want to show them another reality and way. Expand their consciousness and awareness so they can be more in touch with the divine, abundance and beauty. The state of harmony and happiness happens truly once our fears, pains and past have been processed and dealt with. Everyone can achieve the states and experiences I portray. They just need to be open to surrender and let go of what no longer serves them.